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Peiffer Machine Services

Mount Aetna PA, Pennsylvania USA

Peiffer Machine Services is located at Mount Aetna PA in Pennsylvania, USA . They are Custom Machine Builders, Machine tool rebuilds, Machine tool repairs, Preventive Machine Maintenance Services, Rebuild and Retrofitting Service Provider etc. of various Machines. Their main business region is USA . The equipment they primarily service are CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Machines, Drill machine, Grinding machine, Milling machine etc. The company established in the year 1956.

Peiffer Machine Services
7650 Lancaster Ave
Mount Aetna PA, Pennsylvania 19544

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For more than 65 years, Peiffer Machine Services has been in the business of helping other businesses keep their machines running. Time-tested, hands-on talents in machine tool repair, rebuilding, CNC retrofit, and custom machine building have earned Peiffer the reputation as “the one to call” when machine tools need help.


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