Xiamen (Amoy) Fujian China

Yeasincere is located at Xiamen in China, Fujian . They are Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers etc. of various Machines. Their main business regions are Australia, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, USA etc. The machines they are supplying mainly used for Food packaging industry, Food Storage Industry, Kitchen Helper etc. The main brand of the company is Yeasincere . They are achieved Intertek certificate. The company established in the year 2004.

Xiamen Yeasincere Industrial Corporation
NO.58, Fengling Rd2,
Chengnan Industrial Zone,
Tong’an, Xiamen (Amoy), Fujian, China


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Yeasincere Vacuum Sealer Manufacturer Co Ltd is an expert manufacturer of vacuum sealer and sous vide cooker in Xiamen China.

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Business Regions

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Machines Supplying / Manufacturing

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Machine's Overview

V4100 Automatic Vacuum Sealer for Food Preservation Storage :
utomatic Home Vacuum Machine for Food Preservation and Storage, Automatic Poping-up Lid, Seal Length 300mm, 130W.

V3500 Compact Vacuum Sealer With Roll Holder Built-in Cutter :
Household Vacuum Machine With Roll Holder and Built-in Cutter, Durable Stainless Steel Cover, 160W (ETL), 130W (EU).

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine VS960, 225W, 290W :
Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine, Automatic, 290W (CE), 225W (ETL), Smart Touch Panel, LED Digital Screen.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, Water Oven SVC150FS :
Sous Vide Water Oven, Immersion Circulator, 2000W, LED Display, IPX 7 Waterproof, Space-saving.

Whole Stainless Steel Sous Vide Cooking Machine SVC100S White :
Sous Vide Cooker, Whole Stainless Steel Body, 800W, CE, GS, RoHS, ETL, LED Displayer, Quiet Working.

Sous Vide Cooker SVC100 Black :
China Sous Vide Cooker Supplier Yeasincere offers CE/GS/RoHS/ERP sous vide cooker OEM ODM service, black outside color, having water cycling system, digital display, viewable window.

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