DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co Ltd

Shijiazhuang Hebei China

DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co Ltd is located at Shijiazhuang in China, Hebei . They are Exporters, Manufacturers etc. of various Machines. Their main business regions are Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Laos, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA . The machines they are supplying mainly used for Chemical industry, Environmental Industries, Food and Beverage Industry, Food processing industry, Oil and gas industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Power Plants, Steel Industry, Water industry, Water Treatment Plants etc. They are achieved ASME, ISO, UL Recognized certificates. The company established in the year 1984.

DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co Ltd
No.336, Qianqiu Road
Gaoyi Industrial Park
Shijiazhuang City
Hebei Province, China – 051330


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Brief about the Company

Adapting multiple skills and services, DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co.,Ltd has earned its reputation in the line of pressure vessels production for her quality, price, responsible staffs and competitive engineers since 1984.

Till now DFC has accumulated great experience in production and administration. Its product scope is wide and various, including fermentation tank, wine fermentation tank, stainless fermenter, fermentation vessel,stainless beer fermenter, storage tank, reservoir tank, fuel storage tanks, gas storage tank, oil storage tank, heat exchanger, air cooler, aluminium air cooler, air cooler bundle, bundles of air cooler,air filter system, air filter, system oil water separator filter, water separator filter,large storage tank, large pressure vessel,large pressure tank and so on.We have our own products and also we can accept customized orders.

Pressure vessel performance is extremely important because the malfunction of fluids of under pressure can be extremely dangerous. DFC is a knowledgeable pressure vessel manufacturer and guide you in the right direction.

Our customer comes from different walks of line, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment works and environmental protection, iron and steel industry, power plant and so on. All our equipment can meet their request and works well. Now our clients are from Peru, India, Europe, USA, Asia and so on.We offers good products, good technology as well as competitive price. We hope to meet more clients all over the world and establish business relationship.

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Business Regions

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Machines Supplying / Manufacturing

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Machine's Overview

Antibiotic Fermentation Tank, Carbon Steel, ASME, 100m3, 0.3MPa :
China Fermentation Tank Producer Offers Antibiotic Fermentation Tank, Alloy Steel Q345R, ASME, 100m3, 0.3MPa, 85℃, 220kW, for Penicillin Fermentation. This Antibiotic Fermentation Tank is a big fermentation tank used for industrial-scale fermentation.
DFC is expert at manufacturing fermentation tanks for pharmaceutical factories. Our fermentation tanks have already been utilized for penicillin projects and show great durability.

Agitated Tank Crystallizer, Stainless Steel, GB150, 1200 X 1500mm :
China Tank Crystallizer Supplier Offers Agitated Tank Crystallizer, Stainless Steel 304, GB150, 1200 X 1500mm, 1.7MPa, for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Yeast Propagation Tank, SS304, 3487 Gal, GB150, 1500mm, 0.3 MPa :
China Yeast Propagation Tank Supplier Offers Yeast Propagation Tank, SS304, 3487 Gal, GB150, 1500mm-1800mm, 0.3 MPa, 140℃, for Fermentation Process.

Stainless Steel 304 Tank Crystallizer, GB150, 36.5m3, 0.3MPa :
China Crystallization Equipment Manufacturer Offers 304 Stainless Steel Tank Crystallizer for Industrial Crystallization, GB150, 36.5m3, 0.3MPa, 145℃. Application include Pharmaceutical Crystallization for Pharmaceutical Industry, Beverage Production, Sugar Production.

Industrial Fermentation Tank for Pharmaceutics, Stainless, GB150 :
China Industrial Fermentation Vessel Factory Offers Stainless Fermentation Tank for Pharmaceutical Fermentation, GB150, 1200 X 46 X 5500mm, 10.5 Mpa.

Carbon Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Floating Head :
China Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Company Provides Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Floating Head, 6.4 Mpa, Up to 450℃, Easy to Clean. Advantage is Easy to Clean, Suitable for High-temperature Applications.

Hydraulic Water Oil Cooler, Shell and Tube, Carbon Steel, 0.5-500 m2 :
China Hydraulic Water Oil Cooler Supplier Offers Oil Water Hydraulic Shell and Tube Cooler, Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger, Transfer Area 0.5 m2 – 500 m2.

Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger for Oil, ASME, 2.4 X 11.5 Meter :
China Carbon Steel Oil Heat Exchanger Manufacturer Provides Carbon Steel Tubular Heat Exchanger for Oil, Complying with ASME, Tube 2.4 X 11.5 Meters.
This DFC’s Carbon Steel Tubular Heat Exchanger for Oil is the horizontal heat exchanger for petrochemicals. Heat exchangers are used in various steps in the processing of oil and natural gas are subject to severe environmental constraints and high pressures.
The hot engine transfers heat to the oil which then usually passes through an oil heat exchanger (also called an oil cooler). The cooled oil flows back into the hot object to cool it continuously. The oil cooler transfer heat between the engine oil and fuel streams. The heat is exchanged in such a manner that the engine oil is cooled when the fuel is heated up.

304 SS Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, 500mm, 4 Pass Tube, 6000mm :
China SS Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Producer Provides 304 SS Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, 500mm, 1 Pass – 4 Pass Tube Length 4500mm – 6000mm.
A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and is suited for higher-pressure applications.
The Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger consists of two sides for two different media.
The Shell Side fluid flows on the outside of the tubes while the fluid is contained by the shell where it is diverted by baffles or tube supports that also carry the weight of the tubes. The Tube Side media flows inside the tubes while the media is diverted by the heat exchanger head which is located on the end into two or four passes or circuits.

Nitrogen Storage Vessel, Carbon Steel, 13208 Gal, 725 PSI :
China Nitrogen Storage Vessel Producer Supplies Carbon Steel Nitrogen Storage Vessel Tank, Bulk Nitrogen (N2) Storage, GB150, 13208 Gal, 725 PSI.
Manufactured by DFC, this Nitrogen Storage Vessel is a bulk gas storage vessel for industrial gas systems. Besides nitrogen, our bulk gas tanks are also available for oxygen, argon, hydrogen, etc.

Bulk Oxygen Tank, Carbon Steel, ASME, 100m3, 0.55MPa :
China Bulk Oxygen Tank Supplier Provides Bulk Gas Tank for Industrial Bulk Oxygen System, Carbon Steel SA-516M Gr.485, ASME, 100m3, 0.55MPa, 120℃.
Produced by DFC, this Bulk Oxygen Tank is an oxygen gas tank for the bulk gas system. Besides oxygen, our bulk gas tanks are also available for argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.
DFC’s bulk oxygen tanks have been used for a steel mill located in Malaysia and show great performance.

Liquid Storage Tank, Stainless Steel 316L, GB150, 10000 Gal :
China 10000 Gallon Liquid Storage Tank Supplier Provides Vertical Liquid Storage Tank, Stainless Steel 316L, GB150, Max Capacity 13208 Gallon, 102 Inch.

Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Storage Tank, GB150, 2000mm, 3000Ton :
China Pharmaceutical Tank Supplier Offers 304 Stainless Steel Storage Tank, GB150, 2000mm, for Hygienic & Pharmaceutical Process, Penicillin 3000 Ton. Application include Hygienic Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry (3000 Ton Penicillin Project).

Industrial Bulk Cement Storage Silo, Q235B, 25m3, 2500 X 4200mm :
China Industrial Cement Silo Manufacturer Offers Stationary Bulk Cement Storage Silo, Upright Silo System, Carbon Steel Q235B, 25m3, 2500 X 4200mm. Its application is Construction Industry.

Oil Surge Tank, Horizontal, ASME VIII Div.1, 50 Barrel :
China Oil Surge Tank Supplier Offers Crude Oil Surge Tank, Horizontal, ASME VIII Div1, 50 Barrel, to Measure Liquid Flow Rate, Shrinkage, Meter Factor. Its application is within Production Wells.

Crude Oil Surge Tank, Vertical, ASME VIII Div.1, 100 BBL :
China Vertical Surge Tank Factory Supplies Vertical Crude Oil Surge Tank, ASME VIII Div.1, 100 Barral, 1900mm X 6500mm, for Oil & Gas Well Testing. Oil Surge Tanks are vessels used to store liquid hydrocarbons after separation.
This DFC’s crude oil surge tank, protected by a frame, is appropriate for not only onshore/offshore exploration and development but also oil & gas well testing. This surge tank operates in the vertical position and generally is transported in a horizontal position.

For more products and details, please contact the company directly

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