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Russell Finex Inc

Pineville NC North Carolina USA

Russell Finex Inc is located at Pineville NC in North Carolina, USA . They are Manufacturers, Suppliers etc. of various Machines. Their main business region is USA . The machines they are supplying mainly used for Chemical industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Manufacturing industry, Paint Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Plastic Industries etc. The main brands of the company are Finex, Russel etc. The company established in the year 1934.

Russell Finex Inc
625 Eagleton Downs Drive, Pineville,
North Carolina 28134, USA

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Sieving and filtration solutions to guarantee your product quality
We help manufacturers improve quality, efficiency and profitability. We will work with you to customize our standard products and find the best solution possible


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Russell Compact Sieve®

The Russell Compact Sieve® quickly removes contamination from powders and liquid slurries. It is extremely quiet and doesn’t need any tools to disassemble. All the contact parts are easy to clean so change overs are quick and improve your productivity.

Using only half the space of a traditional vibratory sieve, the Russell Compact Sieve® is ideal for fitting into existing production lines.

Finex Separator™

The Finex Separator™ is the ultimate solution for quickly and accurately grading or sizing powders. It can also separate heavy or sticky solids from liquids where traditional separators fail.

Using multiple screens, you can sort up to five differently-sized fractions. The innovative vibratory drive system and rubber suspension increases productivity by up to 70% compared to conventional separators. Maintenance and noise are also reduced significantly, protecting your operators.

Russell Liquid Solid Separator™

Our Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is perfect for removing larger solids concentrations from liquid slurries. This centrifugal separator can process flow rates of up to 100,000 litres per hour at mesh sizes down to 20 microns.

Russell Titanium Plus Vibrasonic system

The Russell Titanium Plus ultrasonic mesh deblinding system is the latest in a long line of developments in this technology. We have been fine tuning our systems since 1970 to make sure they eliminate blinding and blockages, increasing mesh life and maximizing your productivity. This allows you to control your quality to even higher levels and create end products never previously possible.

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® removes contamination from liquids, down to 15 microns. The SpiroKlene™ system enables continuous operation, eliminating production stoppages to replace bags or cartridges.

Our units are designed to increase your productivity, protect your operators and minimize maintenance costs. They are also very small and easily fit into existing production lines.

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Machine Brands

Finex, Russel

Industrial Usage


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