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Nichrome India Ltd is located at Pune in India, Maharashtra . They are Manufacturers, Suppliers etc. of various Packing and Filling Machines. Their main business region is India . The machines they are supplying mainly used for Beverage packaging industry, Cosmetic packaging industry, Food packaging industry, Nutraceutical packaging industry, Packaging industry, Personal care products packaging industries, Pharmaceutical packaging industry etc. The company established in the year 1977.

Nichrome India Ltd
Safire Park Galleria, 4
Pune – Mumbai Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune – 411 005
Maharashtra, India

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Phone Numbers
+918600978600 +912066011010

Company Message

Nichrome is India’s Leading Automated Packaging Machines Manufacturers, offering a wide range of Packaging Machines, Packaging Systems, Filling Machines for Solid, Liquid and Viscous products for Food, Pharma & Other Industries


Business Regions

Machines Supplying / Manufacturing

Auger filler machine
Automatic bottle capping machine
Automatic bottle filling machine
Automatic filling and packing machine
Automatic filling machine
Automatic packing machine
Automatic pouch packing machine
Automatic sealing machine
Automatic wrapping machine
Bottle filling machine
Bulk packaging machine
Bulk packing machine
Cartoning machine
Cup filler machine
Food packing machine
HDPE bag packing machine
HFFS packaging machine
Milk filling machine
Milk packing machine
Milk pouch packing machine
Multi head weigher packing machine
Multi lane stick pack machine
Multilane packaging machine
Multilane packing machine
Namkeen packing machine
Oil filling machine
Oil packing machine
Packaging machine
Packaging machinery
Pick fill seal machine
Ready to eat food packaging machine
Sealing machine
Snack packing machine
Stick pack machine
Sugar filling machine
Sugar packaging machine
Sugar packing machine
Tin filling machine
VFFS packaging machine
Weigh filler machine

Machine's Overview

Excel VertiPack 320
Excel Vertipack 320 is India’s first vertical pouch packaging machine! Yet another versatile innovation from Nichrome, Excel Vertipack 320 has been developed for packaging dry fruits, snacks, pasta, grains, etc. in a variety of standup pouches with or without zipper. With its high speed performance, sturdy design, online check weigher & metal detector, compatibility with multiple fillers, and a host of other features, Excel Vertipack 320 assures you robust performance with unmatched versatility.

VFFS Series – High Speed Double Head Wing Servo Auger Filler Machine
THE DOUBLE HEAD WING SERVO AUGER FILLER MACHINE is a high-speed, reliable packaging solution for spice powders (chilli, turmeric, coriander, sambar, etc.), nutraceutical powders (premix, health drinks, energy drinks, etc.) and beverages (coffee, dairy whitener, etc.). Important features include servo controlled auger filler for precision & accuracy, hygienic construction compliant with HACCP & GMP standards and perforation system to produce chain of pouches.

VFFS SERIES – Wing Stickpack
Nichrome’s WING sachet filling machine Series offers efficient packaging solution for versatile, complex and user-friendly applications. Its PLC based machine is sturdy in performance and versatile in design. Its multi-featured controller can pack multi-sided sachets and pouches.

VFFS Series – Sprint 250 Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler
For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Nichrome’s SPRINT 250 PLUS series offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for flexible packaging of a wide variety of snacks, grains, powders, etc. SPRINT 250 PLUS is an automated machine with CE marked PLC and touch screen HMI. Its servo motor driven sealing system can effectively seal with pressure levels maintained. It is programmed to pull the exact length of film required for packaging, and offers a perforation system to deliver a chain of small pouches.

Sprint 250 Plus Cup Filler
For pouch quantities up to 2 Kgs, Nichrome’s SPRINT 250 PLUS series offers speed, accuracy and efficiency for flexible packaging of a wide variety of snacks, grains, powders, etc.

VFFS SERIES – Sprint 250 Snack Pack
When it comes to snack packaging, Nichrome leads the way with its high-speed, accurate SPRINT SNACKPACK. Designed especially for the snack industry, SPRINT SNACKPACK is a food packaging machine that offers quick and easy tool-less changeover of size parts resulting in minimum product falling height. It packs a wide variety of snacks and similar food products in pouch formats such as the CSPP, Gusset with D-cut and Gusset.

Multilane Stickpack with Multi Head Servo Auger Filler
For producers supplying non-free flowing powders such as milk powders, coffee powder, tea/coffee premixes, etc. to food chains, travel and hospitality industries, Nichrome’s STICKPACK offers unmatched efficiency. Nichrome’s MULTILANE STICKPACK with Servo Auger Filler is a stick pack pouch packaging machine equipped with a CE certified PLC controller that makes it easy to operate and provides the necessary flexibility for product and format changes while maintaining the efficiency of the process.

Automatic Pouch Stacking & Wrapping System
Nichrome’s high speed STACKING & WRAPPING SYSTEM for single and double head machines enables auto pouch stacking as per desired matrix. The system includes an inclined conveyor, pouch orienter, pusher and flow wrapping machine.

Bottle Filling Line – Liquids
Nichrome offers an efficient integrated system for bottle filling and packaging that covers a turntable, UV sterilisation chamber, automatic liquid filling machine, cap feeding elevator, rotary capping machine, induction sealer, labeling machine, date & batch coding system, and packing table.

Bottle Filling Line – Solids
Nichrome presents a versatile bottle filling line for solids. Applications range from milk powder, spice powders, seasoning powders & pharma powders to pulses, grains, sugar & tea to tablets, dry fruits, soya chunks & whole spices. Just change the filler and use the filling line for any powder and solid application.

Bulk Packing Machine: Solid
The new BULK PACKING MACHINE from Nichrome is designed for packing large bags of 5 to 50 kgs. The bags could be HDPE woven, PP, paper or valve type. It is ideally suited for products such as rice, sugar, grains, pulses, flour, cake mix and agro-chemical granules.

Cartoning Machine
Discover fast and efficient cartoning with Nichrome’s CARTONING MACHINE. This secondary packaging machine has a rated output of 50-55 cartons per minute, and handles a variety of cartons: parallel tuck in, opposite tuck in, lock bottom and gluing.

Tin Filling Line
Nichrome’s TIN FILLING LINE is a sturdy, low-maintenance system made for accurate and efficient performance. The PLC-controlled line has a digital LCD touch screen displaying settings, and safety enclosures with interlocks for rotary parts.

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