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Kitamura Machinery is located at Wheeling IL in Illinois, USA . They are Consultants, Distributors, Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers etc. of various Machines. Their main business regions are Germany, Japan, USA . The machines they are supplying mainly used for Machine industry, Manufacturing industry etc. The main brand of the company is Kitamura . Kitamura Machinery established in the year 1933.

Kitamura Machinery of U.S.A., Inc.
78 East Century, Wheeling
Illinois 60090

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Kitamura Horizontal Machining Centers : Kitamura’s Horizontal Machining Centers offer the benefits of extra-large work envelopes coupled with outstanding accuracies. From solid Meehanite cast construction to patented twin ballscew and dual feedback technology offering 2,362ipm rapid rates on solid boxways, to the sheer power of our geared head spindles, Kitamura Horizontals offer you long machine tool life along with the continuous accuracy and reliability necessary for you to get the job done.

Kitamura Vertical Machining Centers : From small to large Kitamura offers a wide variety of Vertical Machining Center configurations to handle your most demanding cutting conditions. An emphasis on rigidity in construction and ultra-high precision let customers supply high value-added services to their clients, entering new markets, expanding business and producing extreme tolerance work. High speed spindles and optional factory installed pallet changers increase spindle utilization and help to create a multi-tasking machining environment that optimizes up-time.

Kitamura Double Column Machining Centers : Kitamura’s Bridgecenter Double Column Machining Centers are designed for extreme cutting capacity, offering the benefits of solid box way construction, high speed/high torque spindle options, spacious work envelopes, and a patented double column bridge type design. Standard linear scale feedback and #40 and #50 taper spindle configurations make these machines ideal for the mold industry where high levels of accuracy are needed in roughing & finishing large cavities and cores.

Kitamura 5-Axis Machining Centers : Vertical or Horizontal, Kitamura has the 5-Axis machining solution to give you the competitive edge needed to machine all of your complex, multi-sided parts in one set-up. Kitamura’s Trunnion table design offers the users increased accuracy and rigidity, simple set-up and ease of programming for the operator and allows for maximum stiffness and flexibility with the ability to position the work piece closer to the spindle. 4+1 or full simultaneous control, our 5-axis line up has you covered.

Supercell-400G 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center : Horizontal configuration allows flexibility for single set-up, unmanned machining | Ultra high positioning Accuracy: ±0.000039”/full stroke, Repeatability: ±0.00002” | Ideal for both unmanned one-off and high quantity production | Standard 20-station automatic pallet changer with loading/unloading station (up to 120 pallets optional) | Highest grade Meehanite cast iron construction with solid box ways | Energy saving, high performance, high speed 20,000rpm, 4-step gear driven, dual contact spindle ensures rigidity | Work handling system reduces pallet load & unload time, allowing for just-in-time operation

Bridgecenter-12G Double Column Machining Center : 120″ extended X-Axis stroke offers flexibility in large part processing that requires increased levels of rigidity and higher levels of precision and accuracy. | Positioning Accuracy: ±0.000078” Full Stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039” | Rigid Meehanite cast iron construction with induction hardened solid box ways | #50, Gear Driven, High Speed, High Torque 12,000rpm Dual Contact Spindle | Patented double column bridge type design provides expansive work envelope and superior rigidity | Linear scale feedback in X, Y, Z axes | A unique optional 5-axis articulating head can be incorporated for multi angle, complex part machining made easy | 13,300 Lb table capacity provides added benefits for larger, heavier, more powerful machining

Mycenter-4XG#50 Vertical Machining Center :
Ideal for machining larger size parts and molds | Positioning Accuracy: ±0.000078” Full Stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039” | Rigid Meehanite cast iron construction with in-house induction hardened solid box ways | Choice of #40 or #50 taper spindles for maximum machining flexibility | Standard 40-Tool ATC with 60 tools as available options | Flexibility with the ability to add 4th/5th axis in the field | Available with a 2-APC, high efficiency, factory installed shuttle style pallet system as an Option

Mycenter-HX1000G/HX1250G Heavy Duty Horizontal Machining Center : Solid box way design combined with the rigidity of high grade meehanite casting | Positioning accuracy: ±0.000078”/full stroke, Repeatability: ±0.000039” | Linear scale feedback on X, Y, Z axes | Full 4th axis rotary table with high resolution scale | Maximum workpiece size 80.71” dia x 61.02” height. Table load capacity of 6,600Lbs + | Patented twin ballscrew/twin servo motor driven axis drive system | Flexibility with the ability to add a 5th axis in the field

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