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Hastings Machine Company

Hastings Pennsylvania USA

Hastings Machine Company is located at Hastings PA in Pennsylvania, USA . They are Consultants, Manufacturers, Suppliers etc. of various Machined components. Their main business region is USA . The machined components they are supplying mainly used for Machine industry, Manufacturing industry etc. They are achieved ISO certificates. Hastings Machine Company established in the year 1975.

Hastings Machine Company
192 Haida Avenue
Hastings, Pennsylvania 16646

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Phone Numbers
+18882291314 +18142476562 +18146595160


Business Regions

Machines Supplying / Manufacturing

Machine's Overview

Multi-Spindle Screw Machining : Hastings Machine Company utilizes Acme-Gridley multi-spindle screw machines. With diversity and variety in machining size, we produce products with material diameters ranging from 1/4″ through 2-3/4″ diameter. With 6 and 8 spindles flexibility, we can machine most features on one piece of equipment, minimizing cost and cycle time while also reducing your product price.
Our profile capabilities include round, hex and square. Material capabilities run the gamut of Cold Drawn Carbon Steel, Alloy, Stainless, Duplex, Aluminum, Brass, Cast Ductile Iron, and select Polymers. Our screw Machine capabilities include Capacity to 2-3/4″ diameter and/or 2-3/8″ hex, 6 and 8 spindle operations,
Bar Loaders etc.

CNC Horizontal Turning : Hastings Machine Company’s CNC lathe turning services quickly and reliably produce the precision parts our customers demand. We are quite able to manufacture parts in a wide variety of complexities, with CNC chucking dimensions to 12″ and through spindle bar feed to 2″ diameter. Our CNC turning capabilities include Through spindle bar feed to 2″ diameter, Chuck sizes to 12″ diameter, Single and Dual spindle turning, Multi-Axis Turning Center, Twin Spindle CNC Chucker, Gantry/Robotic handling, Pallet feed etc.

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