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Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD

Shijiazhuang Hebei China

Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD is located at Shijiazhuang in China, Hebei . They are Distributors, Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers etc. of various Machines. Their main business regions are Albania, Bahrain, China, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Uganda, United Kingdom UK, Vatican City etc. Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD manufactures / supplying Casting steel hand mold, Coal Preparation Equipment, Glove leak test machine, Glove stripping machine, Gloves Counting Machine, Gloves machine, Gloves packing machine, Household Gloves Production Line, Latex glove machine, Latex gloves production line, Nitrile glove machine, Nitrile gloves production line, Plastic gloves manufacturing machine, PVC glove making machine, PVC Gloves Production Line etc. The machines they are supplying mainly used for Gloves Manufacturing industry, Manufacturing industry etc. The main brand of the company is Fengwang . They are achieved AAA certificates. The company established in the year 2009.

Fengwang Machinery Co., LTD
West Hengxi village, Mining area,
Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

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+8631185417306 +8631185417308 +8615373971061

Company Message

Fengwang Machinery can design and produce: PVC gloves production line, Latex gloves production line, Nitrile gloves production line, household gloves production line and etc. All of them with supper quality!


Business Regions

Machines Supplying / Manufacturing

Machine's Overview

Composition of PVC Hand Gloves Making Machine

1. Compounding equipment: mixer, filter, vacuum defoaming machine, latex conveying pump.
2. Impregnation equipment: frame, chain, dipping tank, recovery device, drip tank .
3. Plasticizing furnace: cooling, beading, dusting, and powder removal.
4. De-powder: cooling jacket, bead-forming jacket, powder-beating jacket, demoulding jacket, powder-removing jacket.

Latex Glove Production Line

Latex Glove Production Line adopts continuous production and direct leaching methods, uniform film, medical-surgical gloves, examination gloves, medical powder, and powder-coated gloves. Can automatic demoulding, high yield, the product without the hanging point.

Glove Stripping Machine

Uses for: Gloves production line strip the gloves from moulds
Features: Operating simultaneously with the production lines, with no motor, smoothly operation, low noise. Gloves can completed one-time from joint hand model, inflatable flanging, manipulator expand, manipulator move outward to off gloves, etc.

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