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DNW Machinery is located at Quanzhou in China, Fujian . They are Exporters, Manufacturers, Research and Development, Suppliers etc. of various Machines. Their main business regions are Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom UK, USA . The machines they are supplying mainly used for Healthcare Industry, Medical industry, Personal Care Industry, Personal Hygiene Industry etc. The main brand of the company is DNW . They are achieved CE, ISO certificates. The company established in the year 2015.

DNW Diaper Production Line Manufacturer Co Ltd
No.19, Quanyuan Road
Jinjiang, Quanzhou
Fujian, China 362261

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Brief about the Company

China DNW Diaper Production Line Manufacturer Co., Ltd is a comprehensive company in making the hygienic product machine in China. DNW begins as an expert sanitary napkin making machine manufacturer in China.
Our products range from sanitary napkin making machine, baby diaper making machine, panty liner machine, breast pad machine, adult baby diaper machine, under pad making machine, packing machine,
stacker, auto rewinder (tissure machine) to wet wipe machine.

We offer our machine continuously to the sanitary napkin and baby diaper manufacturers year by year. They are very satisfied with our machine both at quality and price. We earn very good reputation domestically and abroad. All our clients believes our service and our products.

We adhere to the strict administration and production principle. All our machines are designed, produced and examined under our engineering working team with the professional guides and scientific control. “Customer is the God” is the most key principle in our company. We will not sell machine without approval or satisfaction from our customers. If you buy the first machine from us, then you will not buy the second from others.


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Machine's Overview

High speed 3 ply face mask machine :
It is a full automatic planar face mask machine and produce finished products at one time by embossing, folding and wrapping the nose bridge. With good well-known spare parts and reasonable design, it can produce adult type and children type. The face masks produced by it are of good filtering, wearing comfortably and widely used for medical or civil use.

Full servo disposable stereoscopic face mask machine :
Full servo disposable stereoscopic face mask machine can produce three-dimensional face masks at 600-700 pcs/min.

Full Servo Pull Up Baby Diaper Making Machine :
Full servo baby diaper making machine supplier in China: Full servo pull up baby diaper making machine, 35×2.3×3.5m, automatic diaper production line.

High Speed Baby Diaper Production Line :
High speed baby diaper production line manufacturer in China: high speed baby diaper production line, quality guaranteed, for economic diapers production.

T Shape Elastic Ear Baby Diaper Making Machine :
China T shape elastic ear baby diaper making machine supplier: T shape elastic ear baby diaper making machine, full servo/ semi servo diaper machine.

Semi Servo I Shape Adult Diaper Production Line :
China semi servo adult diaper production line supplier provides semi servo I shape adult diaper production line, automatic control function, easy operation.

Semi Servo Pull Up Adult Diaper Making Machine :
China semi servo adult diaper making machine manufacturer provides semi servo pull up adult diaper making machine, reliable performance and easy operation.

Adult Pull Up Incontinence Diaper Making Machine :
China adult incontinence diaper making machine manufacturer: adult pull up incontinence diaper making machine, full servo/semi servo diaper equipments.

Economic type lady sanitary pad making machine :
The sanitary pad machine can produce single size or double size sanitary pads with quick-easy package or individual package at 300 pcs per minute. It is of low investment and suitable for new starter.

Full Servo Straight Package Sanitary Napkin Making Machine :
China full servo sanitary napkin making machine supplier offers full servo straight package sanitary napkin making machine, high safty standard design.

Individual Package Full Servo Sanitary Napkin Production Line :
Full servo sanitary napkin production line manufacturer: individual package full servo sanitary napkin production line, easy operation & stable running.

Full Servo Individual Package Panty Liner Production Line :
Full servo panty liner production line supplier in China provides full servo individual package panty liner production line, high safety & reliability.

Full Servo High Speed Panty Liner Making Machine :
China full servo high speed panty liner machine supplier: full servo high speed panty liner making machine, automatic running, reliable performance

Full Automatic Quick Easy Packing Panty Liner Production Line :
Full automatic panty liner production line manufacturer offers full automatic quick easy packing panty liner production line, great quality & efficient.

Economical disposable underpad making machine :
The disposable underpad machine can produce different sizes of underpads used for puppy pads, hospital pads, maternity pads etc. It is economical model and suitable for new investor.

Full Servo Disposable Mattress Under Pad Making Machine :
Full servo under pad making machine supplier offers full servo disposable mattress under pad making machine, for lying-in woman pads/ pet pads production.

Disposable Woman Folding Type Breast Pad Making Machine :
China disposable woman folding breast pad machine manufacturer offers disposable woman folding type breast pad machine, full servo/ semi servo control.

Full Servo Elastic Type Breast Pad Making Machine :
Full servo breast pad making machine supplier in China provides full servo elastic type breast pad making machine, high speed &accuracy, quality guaranteed.

Semi Automatic Packaging Equipment :
China semi automatic packaging equipment manufacturer supplies semi automatic packaging equipment, dimensional accuracy, for baby/ adult diapers packing.

Full Servo Control Stacker :
Full servo control stacker manufacturer in China supplies full servo control stacker, connected with packaging machine, high efficiency & easy operation.

Full Automatic Packaging Machine :
China full automatic packaging machine supplier provides full automatic packaging machine, high speed & efficiency, reliable performance, long lasting.

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